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Please check product codes and characteristics prior to each order WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS


PayPal and Credit cards

You can pay with Visa Mastercard and American Express credit cards, Poste Pay, Aura Card. Transactions via PayPal servers are totally safe. At the end of the transaction you will be redirected to the order confirmation on the on-line store. You DO NOT need to be a PayPal account holder.

Bank transfer

Magic snc
Unicredit Banca
Bank: UnicreditIBAN: IT29W0200836593000002735627

For payments from foreign countries:


Invoices are issued when payments are made and sent via email at the end of the month.
The document contains the order number, the name of the shop and details of the order received from the customer via email.

The VAT number is only required for companies operating within the European Union. If you do not have a VAT number, or if you are a private customer, leave the field blank.

VAT numbers are verified through VIES VAT validation system, an online service provided by the European Commission.

Use only capital letters and numbers, without spaces or other characters. Once verification process has been successful, you can confirm the order with VAT.

Costs and Transportation

Delivery costs are calculated according to location and weight of the purchased goods.
After selecting the destination, you can calculate delivery costs on-line before you place the order.
Delivery is free only if promotions are active..
Please note that delivered goods are covered by the Transport Company insurance..
For that warranty to be valid, it is absolute necessary and important that anyone who picks up the goods check that the package is closed and perfectly intact; should there be even the slightest sign or defect in packaging, you need to sign off the delivery note with the wording: “WITH RESERVATION”.
and report any damage directly to us, no later than 24 hours after receipt of goods.
If you do not observe these precautions you will not be entitled to claim the replacement of damaged goods.

Delivery time

Delivery normally takes place within 10 days from the receipt of payment.
To speed up deliveries, please contact us and we will do our best to see if it is possible to implement the urgent delivery service subject to availability.


For any claims you can:

Send an email to info@magicnet.it
Send a fax to 0516647301
We are fully committed to find the best solutions for customer satisfaction.

Right of withdrawal

On-line sales activity is dedicated to B2B and therefore targets companies that cannot benefit from the right of withdrawal.
Whenever sales take place outside of business premises, they must be considered under Legislative Decree No. 185 of 22/05/1999, which provides the buyers with an entitlement to exert the right of withdrawal.
Under this case fall purchases made by phone or via Internet, whether they are delivered to your home or picked up at the company’s headquarters or at a point of sale.


All products for sale are covered by warranty against defects in manufacturing and materials they are made of.

Warranty coverage is provided directly by the manufacturer, as required by law.

Defective items must be sent back with any accessories ex warehouse with shipping costs charged to the customer.

The manufacturer shall repair or replace the above-mentioned items as required by law, and deliver again the goods to the customer, without any added expense.

Warranty is deemed void in the following cases:
* if the product is damaged due to accidents or misuse;
* negligence or improper maintenance;
* for any reason not due to defects in manufacturing or materials;
* damages due to normal wear;

Return of products will not extend or suspend the warranty period. This warranty is the only one effective between the parties.

No return, even if authorized, can be accepted if the document accompanying the goods does not carry the invoice number, number and type of goods.


The entry into force of Legislative Decree No. 24 of 2/2/2002 has led many to believe that warranty on products increased from 1 year to 2 years for all products, in any case.Actually this is not the case. The decree provides for the extension of the minimum warranty to TWO years but only with regards to products purchased by private individuals and, therefore, not by companies or professionals.

In short, the obbligation to extend the warranty to 24 months applies only to sales to PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS.

If an entreprenueur – even as an individual one – purchases the goods within his/her business activity, decree 24/2002 does not apply.

Operationally, this means that the same product sold to an individual shall enjoy a warranty of: a) One year, for sales to businesses or professions (subject to VAT);

b) Two years, for sales to private individuals.

Any dispute will be ruled by the Court of Bologna


Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30.06.2003 is aimed at ensuring that personal data are processed in respect of individual and human rights, as well as dignity of individuals, specifically referring to privacy and personal identity.
According to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 the company Magic snc, headquartered in Funo di Argelato (BO), is required to provide the interested parties with specific information on purposes and modalities of personal data processing.

Source of personal data

Personal data directly or indirectly acquired within the business are processed in accordance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 and kept stricly confidential.

Aims of processing

Data are processed within normal business activities and specifically:
1. as requirements to sign contracts
2. for the fulfillment of obligations and executions of operations under the contract
3. for the execution of obligations and requirements (administrative, fiscal, accounting, etc.) required by laws
4. Personal data are processed for advertising and promotional purposes, only if specifically and previously authorized by the customers by clicking the appropriate box on the appliction form where “Would you like to receive the newsletter?” is indicated. Limited to data on businesses, for commercial or advertising purposes or for direct sales or market researches or interatctive business communication; mail orders; sales of good and services through mailing lists; marketing and advertisement; market analysis and research; promotional activities; surveys on customer satisfaction;
5. for the management of support and technical service related to marketed products
6. to monitor relationships with customers and suppliers as well as related risks
7. to manage external collaborations
8. for any other management and operational needs

Conferement of data is not mandatory, except when expressely provided by law, although refusal to do so may result in the impossibility to establish relationships and execute contracts.

Categories of subjects to whom data can be disclosed:

Data can be shared with:
subjects entitled to access data by regulations and laws
banks to handle payments and receipts, financial institutions, insurance companies and auditors
external subjects performing functions related to the contract (drivers, dispatchers, etc.)
data and computer processing centers
collaborators or companies for external services
marketing firms
Data can be transferred aborad, including non-EU countries.

Rights under art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003

All rights reserved for knowledge, cancellation, modification, update, integration and opposition to the processing of data and other rights under art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 whose full text on the subject’s rights is available on the website www.garanteprivacy.it

Responsible for processing

Mr. Massimo Selva, Head of Magic snc Technical Area, is in charge of data processing.